Wednesday, 16 September 2009

The object in my room

There is a red folder.
This fact that the colour of the folder is red could symbolise many things as red is the colour often used to show danger. The colour red also has connotations of rage, anger, evilness and the devil. This would intimidate some people and try and persuade and repel people away from the folder and its mysterious interior.
This could show that the folder contains some hidden horrific information as part of a mystery novel, it could be what everyone has been searching for in order to read the horrible truth. Of life? Living? Earth? Humanity? or more!
It could also hold the contents to evil or dangerous plans of the government, or backstabbing secret information that is TOP SECRET.
It could also be a con, much like the fruit in Adam and Eve. The folder may be a dare to open, and the greedy person who dares to disobbey the folder is cursed, or hurt, after opening it. This could lead to a further horrible outcome or story line whereas this person must complete a number of tasks in the story before accessing their freedom again. All because of the dark, cruel, intense red folder,
sat motionlessly on the table, in my room.

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