Monday, 27 September 2010

Faustus, a tragic hero?

His hubris- Could be his ambition & his pride. (similar to the tale of Iccarus, who flew too close to the sun because he pushed it too far) "All things that move between the quiet poles shall be at my command".
His hubris could also be his arrogance - "Too servile and illiberal for me", He rejects well thought of professions, as well as rejecting influential huge names such as Aristotle, Galen, Justinian and Jerome. In doing so he pushes himself in to a trap..?

He has creates his own high status. It begins with 'his parents base of stock', which implies a very basic standard of living, but Faustus has created his own heir achy, 'graced with doctors name'.

Something tragic has happened to him, not only has he lost his soul, but he is being denied salvation, which is seemingly quite tragic. Mephistopheles has deprived him of heaven, and to the religious audience this would seem increasingly bad.

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