Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Chapter 23. Disjointed state of mind and character links.

In chapter 23 un-common paragraphing is used. This could suggest many things
-Amir’s damaged brain after the accident
- His disjointed state of mind
- His disconnected consciousness from the world
- His drifting of in and out of consciousness

At the start of the chapter Amir lacks any state of time. When referring to meeting Soraya he says “when was that, last week?” when we know for a fact that was well over a couple of months ago.
“He drove me somewhere a few years ago” when referring to recognising Farid. Farid drove Amir for the first time well within a month.

Amir also has a very disjointed narrative, time and focus. When referring to Sohrab he says “his face reminds me of the sound of bells”. He can’t make true sense of anything around him.

There is also a great sense of achievement for Amir in this chapter and links between other characters.
Through saving Sohrab----------Amir has gained the strength of Baba (demonstrated in his dream about the black bear)
Amir has also gained physical similarities related to Hassan.
“The impact had cut your upper lip in two, clean down the middle”ß--- just like a harelip, like Hassan had before he has the corrected surgery.

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  1. Good. Is this Hosseini trying to show the start of Amir earning forgiveness?