Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Time references in Chapter 14

“Fifteen years of marriage” – a time passing reference, which is referring to Amir and Soraya.
“When I was a kid” – references to the past when he was young (could also be a sign of reminiscing – maybe about him & Hassan – maybe this is a decision making chapter for Amir.)

“a pair of kites” – refers back to Afghanistan and the start of the book when he was a child.
“A way to be good again” – refers to the start of the book when he was thinking about Rahim Khan saying those words to him. This phrase is also mentioned three times, the repetition of this holds great significance as well as reinforcing the idea of redemption. (This again gives us clues that this chapter may be the beginning of the road for Amir to achieve redemption and become free of his guilt for Hassan).

We have almost regained the narrative circle! We are almost with the present Amir.

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