Sunday, 10 October 2010

Act 4 - chorus notes

The chorus

The chorus begins in past tense – this could be to show that a large amount of time has passed, which emphasises Faustus’ time running out (as he only has 24 years on Earth)

We get the idea that Faustus has actually gained something from his indulgence in to magic. “such learned skill” and “they admired and wondered his wit”. This makes Faustus seem a lot more eligible than act 3, when he was compared to mere clowns and demoted to playing childish tricks. The chorus then changes to present tense “Now in his fame spread forth in every land”, implying Faustus is now very well known. “Faustus is feasted ‘mongst his noblemen”, noblemen are people who have high status, this could link back to the gothic as he is seemingly creating his high status from ‘base of stock’, is seems he is ascending the ladder surrounded amongst noblemen with high ranking. Could possibly be a threat to the hierarchy? Is he now more of a tragic hero? Is he setting himself up for a fall? He is now more of a gothic character.l

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