Sunday, 10 October 2010

act 4 notes

The Emperor links back to ac t 1 – we see that Faustus is taking orders from the Emperor, yet in act 1 but he quoted “Nor can they raise the wind or rend the clouds; “ – he wanted to be better than them, to be ‘god like’ so we now again see that Faustus will not succeed in his ambitions.

The structure is a little odd. It begins with the Emperor talking in prose but quickly changes. Perhaps reflecting how the Emperor is talking to him, in a more personal manner to begin with? More intimate?

The knight enters. A seemingly sceptical character – “I’faith, that’s just nothing at all”

Faustus then conjures up FAKE spirits. More emphasis on his inability to achieve his goals.

Mephistopheles has an unexpected humane response to the horse courser. “I pray you, let him have him”, the word ‘pray’ also has religious connotations which is quite contradictory as Mephistopheles is a devil?

More slap stick when the leg is pulled off. “Oh my leg, my leg! Help!”


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